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Through Ding Zhen, see his 'hometown' and the Green Hotel in the painting!

Date: 2020-12-12

Along the Sichuan-Tibet Line and National Highway 318 all the way to the west, let us enjoy the "Dingzhen World" and his "hometowns".

"Snow mountains, grasslands, glaciers, temples, white towers...Welcome to visit my hometown, Litang, Sichuan, Ganzi, Sichuan..."

A Tibetan Kangba man from Sichuan, Ding Zhen, came into the eyes of the public for a while. His bright smile, handsome eyebrows, and clear eyes, with a sense of innocence, heroism and even mystery, aroused the love and curiosity of netizens all over the country. What kind of soil and water on the other side nourishes a "romantic prince" like Ding Zhen, and how much exotic beauty is there in the hometown behind him and the Tibet he yearns for?

   Along the Sichuan-Tibet Line and National Highway 318 all the way to the west, let us enjoy the "Dingzhen World" and his "hometowns".

  First stop: Chengdu, Sichuan

   literary heaven.

  Recommended places: Jinli, Wuhou Temple, Kuanzhai Alley, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, Dujiangyan

   Dingzhen’s hometown, Litang, belongs to Sichuan Province. When it comes to Sichuan Province, the most indispensable place is the "land of abundance"-Chengdu. Our trip to Sichuan-Tibet line can also start from here. If you start from Shanghai, you can first arrive in Chengdu by plane or train. The general price is between 400-600.

There are many interesting places in Chengdu. In addition to the famous Kuanzhai Alleys, there are also three online celebrity attractions worth checking in: Trendy Taikoo Li, Fashion Chunxi Road, and Literary Yejin Li.

The Chinese-style architecture and the post-industrial design are very modern. With the atmosphere of the slow life of Chengdu, you can feel a sense of leisure when walking on the streets of Chengdu, not to mention the small streets. The aroma of delicious food wafts in the alleys.

Closer to Jinli is Wuhou Temple, which was originally a special shrine to commemorate Zhuge Liang, and later evolved into the source of the Three Kingdoms relics. Can't help but remind people of Zhuge Liang's story of "He died before he was a student, and the hero was full of tears."

   Another classical attraction in Chengdu is Du Fu Thatched Cottage, which is the richest and best-preserved place of Du Fu's creations in his life.

Since I'm in Chengdu, I don't have to look at the giant panda, a national treasure. You can also visit Dujiangyan, a gem of water conservancy projects outside the city.

  Recommended stay: Geya Chengdu Global Center Jinchenghu Metro Station Hotel

   The hotel is beautifully designed and has a literary atmosphere, and the breakfast is delicious, and there is a large parking lot. It is very convenient to rent a car in Chengdu. The hotel provides luggage storage service.