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Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin is located on South Ronghu Road, on the edge of Ronghu Lake.

It is about 2 minutes 'walk from Xicheng Road Food Street, Guilin Night Market or Ancient South Gate, about 20 minutes' walk from Elephant Trunk Hill and Sun and Moon Pagoda, Guilin Railway Station and Passenger Terminal, and about 26 kilometers from Liangjiang International Airport.

Here is an art hotel with Chinese traditional culture such as Chinese traditional arts, calligraphy, and tea art as its core content. The original site dates back to the Qing Dynasty Daoguang years (1820-1850 AD), and has a rich historical and cultural heritage.

The hotel museum brings together ancient pottery and ancient porcelain from the prehistoric, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Liang Jin, Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties, and the 'Museum Traveling Journey' that is open regularly allows your thoughts to travel through the millennium , Feel the joy of collection.

The hotel is equipped with a Chinese and English bilingual vacation assistant 24 hours a day, intimate butler service, and can personally customize high-quality day trip travel and play recommendations.

Jingjing Ronghu Art Museum has a collection of various Chinese art treasures such as famous Chinese book painters, emerald artists, arts and crafts artists, ceramic artists and so on.

The hotel's daily fixed activity is to watch the art appreciation and tea tasting of Ronghu Art Museum every day from 14:00 to 17:00. Every night from 19:30 to 21:00 every night, I will visit the Ficus Ficus Lake. The vacation assistant will explain the ancient scenic spots of Guilin, such as the ancient South Gate, the millennium ancient banyan tree, the sun and moon towers, and the waterfall.

There is also an open course of Chinese studies. The calligraphy and painting courses are taught by Mr. Zheng, a well-known painter and painter in Guilin.

The fifth-floor Banyan Lake Panorama Restaurant and Bar brings together local specialties of Guilin, authentic western food, and the panoramic view of the Banyan Lake with wonderful music and wonderful music, a rare place to relax in Guilin.

The rooms are simple and elegant, warm and comfortable, quiet and pleasant, with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows on tatami, which is very convenient for family travel. You can also customize the sleep system to ensure high experience and sleep quality.