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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin (Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin), Si trova in Ronghu South Road, il centro panoramico di due fiumi e quattro laghi nel centro della città. È circondato da uomini di Gu Nan, Gu Rong di mille anni, la barca di Huang Tingjian Pavilion, Furong Pavilion, ponte Jiuqu, Bai Chongxi residenza, Xicheng alimentari via, ecc.
Jingguaninglou è un unico hotel a tema di Lingnan e arte. È un museo in cui vivere.Luo Chen, un grande pittore nel mezzo della dinastia Qing, ha costruito qui il museo della piscina Furong, e Tang Jingsong, il governatore di Taiwan nella tarda dinastia Qing, ha costruito qui la villa da giardino.Le camere sono eleganti, calde, comode e piacevoli, tatami giapponese, vetrate panoramiche, e il viaggio in famiglia è caldo e conveniente.Materasso del sistema di sonno di alta qualità, migliorare notevolmente l'esperienza di sonno, migliorare la qualità del sonno.
Ci sono antiche ceramiche e porcellane dalla civiltà preistorica alla dinastia Ming e Qing, mobili antichi, fondamenta di pietra, vaso di pietra, Guilin top tre calligrafi e i capolavori di calligrafi e pittori contemporanei.Il 'viaggio attraverso il museo' di Minglou può condurvi attraverso migliaia di anni, sentendo la felicità della collezione e la benedizione della cultura!L'hotel è dotato di un servizio di maggiordomo intimo in cinese e inglese, e può personalizzare i servizi di viaggio e vacanza personalizzati.
14:00-17:00 apprezzamento dell’arte del PM e degustazione di tè.
Ronghu bar panoramico ristorante al quinto piano, con una vista panoramic a di Ronghu, con vista sulle otto scenari di Guilin: neve invernale Yaoshan (nuvole estive Wuling), Yangjiang Autumn Moon (tramonto Xifeng), nocche viola bexiu (Guiling é nocche), Rongcheng ombra primaverile... montagne distanti e vicino all'acqua, hongfeinlu, ponte cailuan impilato, pittoresco, bellissimo!
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Hotel FAQs
  • Quanto dista questo hotel dall'Guilin Airport?

    AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin si trova a 25.6km dall'aeroporto.

  • AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin offre un servizio di pick-up?

    Sì, vi preghiamo di contattarci dopo la prenotazione.

  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è alle 00:00-12:00 presso AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin.

  • AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    No, l'hotel non dispone di piscina o palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin?

    La colazione è di CNY40 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso AROMA TEA HOUSE Guilin?

    I prezzi partono da CNY550, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • alfafans
    The room with friends has good facilities and is very simple. I can see that the boss is very attentive and there are works of art everywhere. The shower gel and shampoo in the bathroom are family installed. You can rest assured that you are not afraid of allergies. The lounge is good. You can sit down for tea and read for free after you check out.
  • solo0831_31
    It's really nice to live with friends. The location is good and the scenery is good. The wine is full of art, low-key luxury. The room is full of solid wood furniture. Come and stay next time.
  • cui27
    I really like the hotel. It's just in the right place. It's only a few minutes away from Zhengyang pedestrian street in the city center. In the evening, I went back to the hotel and walked around the lake with my friends. I even saved the tickets for two rivers and four lakes. The hotel is full of works of art. My favorite is the leisure hall on the first floor. I can listen to music, read books, play chess, taste tea, and feed fish.
  • leolew
    I came to play again this year. The hotel has just been renovated. It has changed a lot and is very Zen. Because the room is full, I also upgraded the king bed room for free. Sit on tatami, drink tea and blow the wind to see the scenery. Enjoy it! There are free drinks in the fridge to meet my food (⊙ o ⊙)
  • gg9900
    Although the hotel is small, it is close to Ronghu lake. There are delicious Chongshan rice noodles and authentic oil tea around it. It's OK!
  • dindangxu
    After going out for a day, I left my luggage here. When I came back, I upgraded it to a lake view room for us. I also said that I would send us breakfast tickets because we didn't ask for them because we left early. My attitude was very good
  • lbtb8888
    The facilities are good, antique, and the environment near the lake is also very good. It's just that the rooms on the first floor are a little damp and there are some insects on the walls. The store should kill insects
  • m00136706
    Our stay at the Jingguanming Lou Museum was really great. The hotel is very conveniently located close to the city center, 10 minutes walking to a Starbucks (for the one who cannot live without coffee) and 15 minutes away from the pedestrian street. The hotel is very quiet, small so more calm than the big hotels around. The hotel has a very beautiful Chinese style decoration and the rooms are really lovely. We had twice the breakfast onsite and it was really pleasant. The restaurant on the last floor is pretty and offers a beautiful view.
  • ft62181245
  • Cumming
    Hotel is very oriental style with lots of antiques surrounding the hotel. Nearby the beautiful lakes and short walking distance to pedestrian mall and restaurants.
  • e00137972
    The location is very good. Behind it is the Xicheng pedestrian street, on the right is the night market food street, facing the Ronghu scenic spot and ten minutes away from Zhengyang pedestrian street. I like these paintings best, super cute * o *. It's really relaxing to watch the lake view in the room! The scenery of the restaurant on the fifth floor is the most beautiful. The toiletries in the bathroom are household and the towels are super soft.
  • lnago
    It's a good place. It's very close to the night market. It's on the riverside. But it's about 15 minutes' walk from Shangshui food street. It's suitable for people who like to walk, but it's very quiet. It's only five minutes' walk to Xicheng pedestrian street
  • antcn
    Jingyi Hotel beside Ronghu lake has a unique style and a very cultural atmosphere. I like it very much because of its superior geographical location. The girls at the front desk are very warm and polite.
  • candyran628
    Good place. The environment is elegant. Rich cultural atmosphere.
  • jyminior
    It's quiet. It's not a big room,
  • jimmy1021
    The room is a little narrow, everything else is good! It's worth living!
  • lindalove
    I like the cultural atmosphere here. The Jingyi Hotel on the edge of Ronghu is not far from the main scenic spots in Guilin. Although the room is small, it can be understood in this area. Each room has different crafts and furnishings, which is very unique. I like it very much. The front desk girls are also very polite.
  • Awing sub-cloud
    The first place worth recommending is the antique and cultural flavor of the hotel. I have been to many places. The uniqueness of this place cannot be copied. The antique calligraphy and paintings inside are the kind that people admire. They can be seen everywhere, whether in corridors or staircases! Secondly, I was very satisfied with the location and service. I took my lover hand in hand to take a walk by the lake at the door of the hotel. It was very enjoyable!
  • Lemoncaicai
    Hotel personal collection decoration, elegant style, we live in antique room, very good, can see the scenery of Ronghu, very good
  • evette
    The standard room and bed are too small! Compared with the surrounding Hotel, the price is high, do not recommend you to stay!
  • cat3939
    The service was very good and the surrounding environment was very beautiful. But breakfast is too simple.
  • icewind
    In a hotel with cultural atmosphere, the front desk staff are very friendly, the room layout is very exquisite, and the boss's love for tea culture is reflected everywhere in the hotel! It's pleasant to live in!
  • fltdgx
    The surrounding environment is really great. The scenery of Ronghu lake at night is very beautiful! The hotel is somewhat retro
  • magic0528
    Looking at the lake by the window, the environment is very good, the hotel service is very good, and the conditions are also very good. I hope to come again next time
  • JT138
    The location of the hotel is good. It's opposite Ronghu lake, but it's hard to find a car. The cultural atmosphere of the hotel is very good. There are paintings and cultural relics on each floor. The relative room is a little small, and the bathroom is also small. It's a style loved by foreign friends. If you drive to the door, there are only three parking spaces, the car of a hotel needs to stop, and self driving is not recommended.
  • judy208
    It's very convenient to take a walk at night by Ronghu. It's also very close to the pedestrian street on West Street. Generally speaking, it's OK
  • calvinonon
  • cmr1999
    The hotel is located by Ronghu lake, with a very good environment ~ the interior of the hotel is very exquisite, with classical beauty ~ it is very close to Xicheng pedestrian street, which is convenient to buy special products.
  • Prodigal Eagle ¥ ¥
    not bad
  • celine_2006
    The environment is very good and the layout is very tasteful
  • e04526689
    The hotel is located in the center of the city, with convenient transportation, quiet in the noisy, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The waiter was very friendly. There is a musty smell in the room, and there is a cockroach found in the room.
    Antique houses are very distinctive.
  • sun way
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's just beside Ronghu. It's convenient for shopping and eating around. The environment is very quiet. The child is not feeling well. The waiter specially helped to make rice soup. Thank you for your warm service.
  • lindaxu28
    not bad
  • caorongjia
  • garving2001
    I like this suite very much. It is spacious and comfortable. The large French windows can give you a panoramic view of the outside scenery. It is close to two rivers and four lakes scenic spots and Zhengyang Road Pedestrian Street
  • JOJO small stay
    The hotel has a first-class environment, just beside Ronghu lake, with ancient and elegant style. Especially the Japanese tatami baby likes it very much. It's not easy to have fun on it. He has to stay in tatami all the way. The window is facing Ronghu. It is also equipped with a simple Kung Fu tea set. The room is small but very comfortable. It's just that the room is too hot. We still want to live in this room when we return to Guilin from Yangshuo, but we don't have a room several days in advance. We have to book in advance. A hotel that seems to be very popular with foreigners.
  • Advicer
    The location of the hotel is excellent. It's changed from a teahouse. The room is antique. The restaurant is grand and clean. Outside the window are two rivers and four lakes. It's not far from the snack street. There's free coke / mineral water / beer in the refrigerator. In particular, the front desk is very friendly and the service attitude is good. On the same day, people cancelled the knot beside the antique. We upgraded it free of charge and gave the children breakfast. It felt like going home! Cost effective, non Hotel comparable, recommend it!
  • beibei1232006
    I'm familiar with everything when I check in again. This time I live on the first floor, which is the smell of the sewer pipe in the bathroom. It's very choking
  • e00145042
    The hotel is located next to Shanhu Lake in Guilin. In the evening, you can walk directly to enjoy the scenery of two rivers and four lakes, and it is also convenient to go to Xiangshan. Hotel owners or investors like to collect and classic. The whole hotel, rooms, corridors and lobby are classical and old cultural relics. It's very relaxing to live in such a hotel. The best thing is the scenery on the fifth floor of the hotel. The French windows can directly enjoy the lake view. Unfortunately, the hotel does not provide breakfast and food. It is recommended that the hotel make use of this good scenic spot for tourists' leisure.
  • AS Durian
    The location is good and quiet. There is a pedestrian street 200 meters behind the hotel. It's very convenient to eat and buy things. The store is antique. Ronghu is outside the window. It's very comfortable to go out for a walk after dinner.
  • e02463244
    It's clean. It's very attentive. The price is a little higher. After all, the price in Guilin is not high
  • llweb
    The hotel is very close to Zhengyang pedestrian street with complete facilities and excellent service attitude. But I feel that the check-in process is not very fast. Is it OK in general
  • leron
    The location of the hotel is good. You can enjoy the scenery from the coffee on the 5th floor. It's very beautiful. The overall style of the hotel is full of cultural flavor. The landlady also enthusiastically showed us around their collection, which was an eye opener! During this trip to Guilin, the service of this family was the most satisfactory. The service staff were warm and reasonable and served with a smile. The only regret is that the room smells a little damp. I'll check in next time.
  • jasongaldon
    Antique rooms, tables and chairs are shaky...
  • Ya Ya
    Lijiang River is the business card of Guilin people, and jingguanming building is the business card of Guilin Hotel. It is located in the center of two rivers and four lakes. It's very good to visit and walk.
  • jjcop
    Good location, good view, fair service, will check in again
  • dogvscat
    It's a good hotel with convenient transportation. You can walk to Xiangshan and the city center, and you can drink tea and see the scenery through the floating window
  • Amy Lulu
    Nice place. I'll stay next time
  • G fun with the humans
    The hotel is located on the edge of Ronghu lake. The Chinese style wind environment is beautiful and quiet. The 5-storey small building is unique. Two Chinese style rooms of different decoration sizes are booked, wide, comfortable and clean. The front desk sister's service is considerate! The hotel goes out and walks to the right. You can go to Xicheng pedestrian street. There are all kinds of food and specialty stores in one street. You bought a lot of specialties here. Take a taxi from the airport to the hotel for half an hour, 5O yuan, less than 30 kilometers.
  • amanda_ael
    Very special hotel, antique, excellent location, good service, the first choice next time
  • e04677966
    Very characteristic, very good service
  • e00229560
    Jingguanming building is next to Ronghu lake. The scenery is good and quiet. The service lady had a very good attitude. The transportation is only 7 yuan from the railway station (please note, don't take a taxi in the parking lot of the railway station. Those are all to take you to hotels or tour groups. There is a channel next to the parking lot of the railway station. Taxis to see off passengers to the railway station will pull people around and take the bus there.) Dinner: it's close to Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street. There's a lot to eat. Forrest Gump restaurant (Xicheng Road store) is recommended (recommended dishes: dry steamed swordfish / Pastoral fragrance / sauce beef; Some people recommend cured taro, which I think is very general); Further away, the Jinlong Village on Wumei Road (recommended: cured duck, really good) is opposite Xiaonanguo (the taste is OK, and the beer swordfish ordered is not as delicious as Forrest Gump's restaurant, but also relatively small). Next to the hotel is two four lakes. Walking along the lake in the evening, even if you visit the two four lakes, the light view is still good
  • jeccse
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's quiet in the middle of trouble. The hotel faces the scenic spots of two rivers and four lakes. The night scenery is really beautiful and the tickets are saved. The service provided by my sister at the front desk was very good. She recommended the route to us and saved a lot of money. Some parks are walkable without taking a taxi. The pedestrian street behind the hotel is a food street, full of food. The local products sold in the night market are really cheap, even cheaper than supermarkets, but they have to be countered. We also visited the museum in the hotel and learned something.
  • jiangyi18
    Average cost performance
  • e04767996
    Good location. The restaurant has a new viewing platform. You can go out and see the scenery. It's so beautiful. There are lots of artworks everywhere. The memory of the camera is not enough. Every time I come, there are new surprises.
  • mafat
    The location is very good. You can see Ronghu outside the window. The hotel is a little antique. The waiters are fluent in English. The service attitude is very good. After checking in, you will send two bags of tea. We ordered a Japanese tatami room. The children liked it very much, and there were tea sets in the room. We drank it directly with the tea we sent. It was very leisurely. There is also a restaurant and tea bar on the fifth floor. Sitting on the wide sofa, looking at the night view of Ronghu Lake outside the window and drinking tea, it is indeed worthy of the name of 'Jingguan' and 'minglou'.
  • leoauyeung
    Good environment! Breakfast is authentic western food, but the deposit and breakfast should be paid in cash, not by credit card. In addition, the floor of the room is paved with stone, which is very comfortable in summer, and it may be a little cold in winter
  • nini1226
    I don't know how many hotels I've stayed in since I've been on business all the year round. I'm shocked by this hotel! It is a hotel in a museum and a hotel in a landscape painting. Fortunately, I met Mr. Li of the hotel, a fat uncle with a kind face. According to Mr. Li's introduction, the hotel is stepping up the layout of the culture and art hall on the top floor. It is said that in the future, there will be a culture and Art Salon gathering first-class cultural masters, painting and calligraphy masters and art masters in China. New elevators have been added to the hotel, but they have not yet been officially put into use. It can be seen that this small hotel is 'ambitious'. For those who like traditional culture, play and collect, and appreciate famous people's calligraphy and paintings, Jingguan tea house is undoubtedly your best choice! Jingguanminglou will be my best choice in Guilin!
  • beubeu
    It was a very good accommodation experience. I wanted to stay for two nights, but later I stayed for one more night. Praise: 1. Good internal and external environment. Outside is the Ronghu scenic area. It's very quiet to walk at night; Interior decoration is chic, very cultural taste. 2. The rooms are well equipped. The room is big enough. In addition to double beds, you can have extra beds. There is also a tea room for tea. Special surprise, there is a terrace on the second floor, you can dry clothes, this is a rare experience before. 3. The service was very considerate. Because the self driving car has special products that need to be refrigerated, the little sister of the waiter helps me to freeze the ice bag every day. She is very enthusiastic. Make complaints about car park: 1, no parking lot, only three parking spaces at the entrance. 2. The price is a little expensive.
  • D-Day
    The location is very good. It's only 5 minutes away from Zhengyang pedestrian street. You can walk to the wharf. The restaurant on the fifth floor has the best view, and there are many works of art. Pack a box of Chen Xiang Pu'er tea and enjoy it at home.
  • jirrui
    Very friendly boutique hotel... good for holiday days and near by market
  • cjyr3408
    The hotel is relatively clean, but the room is not light enough, a little wet, the price is still on the high side
  • andyyong_cn
    Hotel facilities, environment and location are quite good. There are more foreigners staying. The only drawback is that the room is small.
  • maomao0221
    The geographical location is very good and worth recommending.
  • invalid
    I am very surprised that some reviewers are not so positive about this hotel. Yes, it is quite dark but, thats because of all the dark wood. Its simply traditional style. I thought it was surprisingly nice, clean, well decorated and well maintained. Dont forget, this is China. The location is extremely good. Its just acrosss the road from the lake and you can cross the bridge to be in the centre of the old town. You feel like youre away from the worst of the tourist tat but, you can walk there in 5 minutes if thats your thing. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I dont think you would have any problem even if you dont speak any chinese at all. This goes for Guilin generally. If youve never been to Guilin, just go! I was expecting tourist hell but,its a wonderfully warm and friendly little town (yes, the centre does actually feel quite small). As usual in China, you dont see as many foreigners on the street as you might expect. Everyone must just do their tours and then stay in their hotels. The river cruise itself is very special. It doesnt matter how many pictures youve seen. In the flesh, it is something else.
  • Joey9090
    Environment: it's in Ronghu scenic area, opposite Ronghu lake. A very quiet and comfortable hotel. It's very comfortable to walk by the lake in the morning. Transportation: because Guilin is not a big city, we go to Xiangshan on foot, more than 300 meters to Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street, and walk back to the hotel after dinner.
  • dawn09
    Some of them are very good! The only problem is that there are two TVs in the guest room. As the standard of the suite, this service is questionable!
    Every aspect was good, the service attitude was good, but the minimum consumption of each person in the West Hall on the fifth floor was not 20 yuan. It was 20 yuan for tea, and the consumption was calculated separately
  • apple3664
    It is located next to two rivers and four lakes. It is quiet in the middle of trouble and convenient for transportation. It is very enjoyable to take a walk at night.
  • boss1630
    The hotel equipment was average, the service attitude was very good
  • cdswx
    It's very special. The room is very clean
  • luyisean
    If you want to be a good front desk girl, it's next to Ronghu. If you want to see the scenery, you need to communicate with the hotel in advance. It's very close to the pedestrian street and scenic spots, so you can walk
  • fengyucococo
    It is located in the city center, near the pedestrian street. Shopping, eating and so on are very convenient. The waiter was very friendly, the decoration was antique and quite distinctive. The disadvantage is that there is no parking lot and parking is not very convenient. In addition, the air conditioning is not enough in winter.
  • angelina07
    The hotel has an excellent location and beautiful scenery. There is a proud cat and a group of interesting clerks.