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In order to promote the development of the tourism industry in the United States, Victoria again issues tourist vouchers

Date: 2020-12-12

Launched on December 11, a total of 40,000 coupons will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

According to the Australian Net compilation report, a new round of travel coupons in Victoria, Australia, will be launched on Friday (11th), and a total of 40,000 coupons will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

"Herald Sun" reported on the 10th that in order to start Victoria's tourism industry, Victoria began to introduce regional travel vouchers on the 12th, and the second round of applications opened at 10 am on the 11th. Each consumer voucher is worth 200 Australian dollars, and people can redeem for rewards before January 22, 2021, and can also use consumer vouchers for holiday trips booked in advance. The second round of consumption coupons will be used from January 27 to April 1, 2021.

Victoria Tourism Commissioner Martin Pakula said: "In the first round of consumer vouchers, I expect demand may exceed supply. That's why we issued a total of 120,000 consumer vouchers. If anyone misses the first round They are obviously still able to grab consumer coupons in the second and third rounds."

The President of the Victorian Tourism Council, Felicia Mariani, welcomed the move, saying that the distribution of consumer vouchers in batches will continue to stimulate tourism in the off-peak season when it is most needed. She said: "This is exactly when Victoria needs to take such stimulus measures. In addition, it is also a great thing to expand beyond the accommodation sector to attractions and tours, because this is another part that is missing from other plans. . Consumer vouchers can be spread more widely on the Internet, thus encouraging more spending."

People can use this voucher if they spend AUD 400 or more on accommodation or travel.