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Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin is located on South Ronghu Road, on the edge of Ronghu Lake.

It is about 2 minutes 'walk from Xicheng Road Food Street, Guilin Night Market or Ancient South Gate, about 20 minutes' walk from Elephant Trunk Hill and Sun and Moon Pagoda, Guilin Railway Station and Passenger Terminal, and about 26 kilometers from Liangjiang International Airport.

Here is an art hotel with Chinese traditional culture such as Chinese traditional arts, calligraphy, and tea art as its core content. The original site dates back to the Qing Dynasty Daoguang years (1820-1850 AD), and has a rich historical and cultural heritage.

The hotel museum brings together ancient pottery and ancient porcelain from the prehistoric, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Liang Jin, Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties, and the 'Museum Traveling Journey' that is open regularly allows your thoughts to travel through the millennium , Feel the joy of collection.

The hotel is equipped with a Chinese and English bilingual vacation assistant 24 hours a day, intimate butler service, and can personally customize high-quality day trip travel and play recommendations.

Jingjing Ronghu Art Museum has a collection of various Chinese art treasures such as famous Chinese book painters, emerald artists, arts and crafts artists, ceramic artists and so on.

The hotel's daily fixed activity is to watch the art appreciation and tea tasting of Ronghu Art Museum every day from 14:00 to 17:00. Every night from 19:30 to 21:00 every night, I will visit the Ficus Ficus Lake. The vacation assistant will explain the ancient scenic spots of Guilin, such as the ancient South Gate, the millennium ancient banyan tree, the sun and moon towers, and the waterfall.

There is also an open course of Chinese studies. The calligraphy and painting courses are taught by Mr. Zheng, a well-known painter and painter in Guilin.

The fifth-floor Banyan Lake Panorama Restaurant and Bar brings together local specialties of Guilin, authentic western food, and the panoramic view of the Banyan Lake with wonderful music and wonderful music, a rare place to relax in Guilin.

The rooms are simple and elegant, warm and comfortable, quiet and pleasant, with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows on tatami, which is very convenient for family travel. You can also customize the sleep system to ensure high experience and sleep quality.
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FAQs when booking at Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin
  • How far is the hotel from Guilin Airport?

    Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin is 25.6km from the airport.

  • Does Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is 12:00-12:30 at Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin.

  • Does Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin?

    Each costs cny40 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Aroma Tea House (Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel) Guilin?

    The room prices is from cny350, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • amanda_ael
    Featured hotels in old style, great location, service, next to the preferred
  • e04677966
    Very distinctive, very nice
  • e00229560
    Wait tea floor in Lake area next, views good, compared quiet. service Miss attitude is good. traffic from railway station playing a of 7 block money on to has (everyone note, don't in railway station parking playing of, those are is to pulled you to hotel or tours of, railway station parking next has a channel, visitor to railway station of taxi will around to pulled people go, to in there car.) dinner; here away from West Road Street is near, many eat of, recommended Forrest restaurant (West Road shop) (Recommended dish; dry steam sword bone fish/pastoral fragrance/sauce beef; some people recommended lap taro, personal think is General); again go far points, five beauty road of gold dragon Zhai (recommended; La duck, really good) opposite is small Southland (taste also line, points of beer sword bone fish no Forrest restaurant of delicious, also compared small) hotel next is two home four Lake, night along Lake go go even play two home four Lake has, lamp King also is good of
  • jeccse
    Hotel location really good, make in the take static. hotel on face with liangjiang four Lake scenic, night of night really beauty, tickets are province has. front desk sister service really good, to we recommended route, province has many money, some Park can walk, without playing of. Hotel behind of street is Street, full is eat of. night market Street in sold of native really cheap, than supermarket also to cheap, but to bargain Oh. We also visit has hotel in of Museum, learn to things's.
  • jiangyi18
  • e04767996
    Nice new restaurant got a viewing platform, can go to see the scenery, it's beautiful. are everywhere art, camera memory will not be enough, and there are new surprises every time you come.
  • mafat
    Location is good, window on can see Lake area, hotel is somewhat antique of, waiter also are a fluent of English, service attitude quite praise, do finished staying procedures also will sent Shang tea two package. we set of is day type tatami room, children too like has, and room in also has tea, directly with sent of tea bubble has drink, is leisurely. five floor also has restaurant and tea's, sat in large of sofa Shang, see with window of Lake area night, drink with tea, was worthy of for 'wait', 'teaBuilding 'in the name.
  • leoauyeung
    Nice! authentic western food for breakfast, just deposit and breakfast to pay cash, not credit card, room floors are made of stone, very comfortable in the summer, can be a little cold in the winter.
  • nini1226
    Perennial travel, live had of hotel also really not know has how many, this hotel to I of impression is shock! it is a seat open in Museum in of hotel, is a seat open in landscape volume in the of hotel. privilege encountered hotel of Lee total, one CI Yan Shanmu of fat uncle. in Lee total of introduced in the learned that the hotel is intensified layout loft of culture art Hall, is said to have yihou there will is gathered domestic first-class culture master, painting master and art master of culture Art Salon. Hotel added has electricLadder, but not yet officially opened, I can see this small hotel is 'ambition'. like traditional culture, like to play favorites, like celebrity pictures of friends, jingguanminglou is your best choice! jingguanminglou would be the best choice for me to Guilin!
  • beubeu
    Very good of once accommodation experience, this wants to live two late, later added live has a late. points praise of at; 1, both inside and outside environment furniture better. outside is Lake area scenic, night walking very quiet; within is decoration chic, is has culture taste. 2, room supporting complete. room enough big, double zhiwai, also can added bed. also has tea room, can tea. special surprise of at, 2 floor has a terrace, can drying clothes, this is yiqian rarely some experience. 3, service very intimate. because since drivingProducts need to be refrigerated, waiter Kid Sister help me every day to freeze ice packs, very enthusiastic. ridicule; 1, no parking, only three spaces at the door; 2, the price is a bit expensive.
  • D-Day
    Great location, just 5 minutes from zhengyang pedestrian street, Pier walk. view five floors of the restaurant the best, but also has many art. Pack a box of effects of Pu-Erh tea, go home.
  • jirrui
    Very friendly boutique hotel. good for holiday days and near by market
  • cjyr3408
    Hotel is clean but the room light is a little damp prices are just high
  • andyyong_cn
    Hotel facilities, environment, location is good. foreigners staying more ... the only drawback is the small room.
  • maomao0221
    Location is very good, highly recommended.
  • invalid
    I am very surprised that some reviewers are not so positive about this hotel. Yes, it is quite dark but, thats because of all the dark wood. Its simply traditional style. I thought it was surprisingly nice, clean, well decorated and well maintained. Dont forget, this is China. The location is extremely good. Its just acrosss the road from the lake and you can cross the bridge to be in the centre of the old town. You feel like youre away from the worst of the tourist tat but, you can walk there in 5 minutes if thats your thing. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I dont think you would have any problem even if you dont speak any chinese at all. This goes for Guilin generally. If youve never been to Guilin, just go! I was expecting tourist hell but, its a wonderfully warm and friendly little town (yes, the centre does actually feel quite small). As usual in China, you dont see as many foreigners on the street as you might expect. Everyone must just do their tours and then stay in their hotels. The river cruise itself is very special. It doesnt matter how many pictures youve seen. In the flesh, it is something else.
  • Joey9090
    Environment of Banyan Lake scenic area, across Lake area. very quiet and comfortable hotel. get up in the morning, walking by the Lake very comfortable. traffic because the little Guilin city, to mountain we are walking, more than 300 meters to the West side road, walk back to the hotel after dinner.
  • dawn09
    Some very good! is only two-screen TV has a problem, as the standard suite this service is open to question!
    Good in every way, service is good, 5/f, West dining hall not the lowest consumption of 20 Yuan per person, tea for 20 consumer separately
  • apple3664
    Located next to the two rivers and four lakes, quiet, convenient, walking is enjoyed in the evening.
  • boss1630
    Hotel equipment in General, service is very good
  • cdswx
    Very unique, and the room was very clean
  • luyisean
    The girl at the front desk service want to be good, just beside the Lake area, will communicate with the hotel well in advance if you want to look at the scenery, from the pedestrian street and attractions very near, walk
  • fengyucococo
    Location in the city center, near walking Street. shopping, eating and so very convenient. waiters are warm, renovated antique characteristics. disadvantage is that there is no parking lot, parking is not easy. winter air conditioning is not enough.
  • angelina07
    Hotel location was great, beautiful scenery, a proud cat, with a bunch of interesting shop.
  • fsadee
    Decoration is unique, antique, I feel pretty good, outside nice!
  • lamterrence
    Advantages; hotel is has features, decorative have like a museum. new has elevator, also is added built early restaurant. service personnel standard is high, attitude good, can answered we of all problem. three floor above of room can see is good of Lake King and bridge King. hotel location very good, on in municipal government next, main attractions are in walk distance within. but away from noisy of street and attractions enough far, so is quiet. Weaknesses; the hotel renovation, so upstairs. room toiletWater is weak and easily blocked. Summarizes our tourism base in Guilin, Guilin lived here ... great satisfaction. recommend a high floor room, nice scenery.
  • e00211133
    Hotel is next to Lake Street is convenient to have a variety of department store shopping center but the only bad thing about it is I had a room on the third floor of the shower bad very bad regulating hot and cold water and a special small hotels have to say should not have this problem it hopes to improve to Guilin also live here!
  • puddingyuan
    Hotels in urban areas, antique, accessories for dinner, take a taxi is very convenient for ~!
  • lex_cao
    Rare vacation, select has to Guilin, is select staying wait tea floor, is friends recommended of, to zhiqian in the big website see has wait tea floor of related evaluation, are said good. to shop zhihou, I Le a to! completely beyond expected, real super by value, location very good, out is Center Lake King Park, next is night market, is perfect of location, hotel five floor Club style elegant, Lake area scenery beautiful, open, morning up fog filled, like room wonderland! onAs the poet describes the what, alas, is not a poet, I really want to show off show-off. linger, and the trip was pleasant! have a chance to come to Guilin, must jingguanminglou again!
  • lixiaoling_auto
    That's good
  • maogpu
    That's good
  • clb646322535
    Located right in the center of the scenic area, in a quiet, very elegant interior environment, there is a small museum and a small antique courtyard, rooms are very clean, decorative antique. one waiter very helpful girl near our transportation and dinner, shopping locations, very, very happy with.
  • OLIVIA5219
    Hotel location is very remote but is very quiet for a vacation, and taxis are hard to find, another hotel room facilities than the relatively backward, and there is no elevator.
  • bj Shuishui Ping
    Is has culture theme of a hotel, thank boss with we visit hotel of Museum, is learn to things's. location also is good, hotel opposite is liangjiang four Lake scenic, without tickets on can shopping Park's. Hotel behind of street eat of things Super more of, night market Street in sold of native than supermarket also to cheap, earned to's! front desk sister service really good.
  • bear_nm
    Like antique very poetic, next to this.
  • fenger
    View was very beautiful, quiet
  • fangood
    Which is very nice
  • clonepig
    Good location on the edge of the Lake area, friendly staff, very good. foreigners like people. the hotel interior decoration is characteristic, is the boss of the collection is worth a visit ... stay here next time.
  • cutedandan
    Good location, very clean. is less housing facilities, no benches, no drying rack, kettle no sockets on the side is not very convenient. the room is too small, a little sick.
  • dj1313626
    Hotel of great charm, location excellent, breakfast service very good. check change the rooms, staff patient help, very intimate.
  • E00305180
    Although only stayed one night but the antique feel of meditation of the window is the Guilin Park just about 12 minutes walk from the central square landscape paintings is in the quiet corridors rooms also have tea service will send you a package tea of course better points of service for the staff to bring their own praise is of great heritage hotel
  • TIAN Tian
    Location in the city center, the environment can also
  • e02893226
    Hotel in good taste. Live on the third floor, is 'see the Windows with a view', panoramic view of Lake area. Breakfast is Western-style, welcoming staff told me to go out left Guilin rice noodles. Finally ate pure Guilin rice noodles. The room was very clean, environment superior, great cultural feeling of Guilin. Birdsong woke early in the morning, closed the window on the quiet, good sound insulation. Come again!
  • bfa3d3d
    Each trip to Guilin are the hotel, like the hotel, this is the wedding honeymoon, her husband lived for the first time, praise without cease.
  • cyjiang
    Paint too big bed was too small
  • raoxiao321
    Themselves feel very good so recommended to Switzerland friends, this time to help them, they should be very satisfied. recommended! hotels do not need guarantees to leave room to night 02; 00, guests never fail of course. just need book different room types need to be under a bit of trouble.
  • aslenyummy
    A veritable antique collection, decoration and details are very thoughtful. love the Bay window of the room, a small square table, and comes with tea, the rooms are equipped with Kung Fu tea, when it began to rain in the afternoon, sitting in front of the window, make a pot of tea, distant view of the beauty of the Lake area ... will be my good memories in future.
  • aruoxinxin
    Compared to other rooms, not good.
  • wang1914
    Located next to the Lake area, landscape first-class travel, convenient, very unique, fits like petty way literary or false youth, friends like, the service is also very good, is the breakfast would be nice