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Xiangshan Park, located in the center of the confluence of Li River and Peach Blossom River, the natural landscape and cultural landscape park the symbol. Park in the Elephant Trunk Hill as the main body, as well as moon in the water hole, Samantabhadra Tower, like the eye rock, stupas and north waterfront of the three islands of love pleasure island, south of the Yunfeng Temple landscape. Cheung Pei Shan Shape of the hill stood by the river, ...[Detail]

Guilin, Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Crags are two famous caves, although both belong to the same RONGSHI cave, but different styles, the former exquisite magnificent, which is magnificent. Reed Flute Cave mainly exquisite, magnificent, illusory known. The cave is like a precious stones, coral, jade Diaoqi from the grand, magnificent underground palace, was praised as the "Palace of the nature of art." The highest point inside the cave, 18 ...[Detail]

Putuo Mountain Scenic Seven days from the hub, Tianxuan, DNT, the right to four-day peak of the Pier and the Crescent Hill, open sun, Yaoguang three peaks form. Four peaks as the fighting Quebec North, South San Feng as the shank, seven peaks Kaleidoscopic, almost in the same plane, arranged in the layout like the Big Dipper, and therefore referred to as Qixingshan, scenic areas and thus the name. Area has a typical karst landscape, set a ...[Detail]